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Notice of Dr. Early’s Privacy Practice

Our privacy practice review also applies to the health care providers, such as physicians and/or their staffs, who are not employed by East Asheville Family Health Care but participate in the Mission Health Partners network or Accountable Care Organization (ACO), to provide this care along with East Asheville Family Health Care through an “organized health care arraignment” under HIPAA. All of these care providers are also referred to as “we” in this notice.

We have included the HIPAA Privacy Practice page link below and encourage you to click on it to read through the notice. Dr. Early and his staff at East Asheville Family Health work to guarantee privacy and access control by our compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Each patient is required to read the Notice of Privacy Practice and provide a written statement that our practice has informed you of our policies. We just need you to print the HIPAA Privacy Practice, read it, and sign it at the bottom of the page. Print this off and then bring it with you to your first appointment. If you do not bring it with you, we will be required to go over it with you in person and get your signature. Doing this prior will save time at our facility.

Download Notice of Privacy Practice Form

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New Patients to East Asheville Family Health Care

Becoming a new patient at East Asheville Family Health Care is as easy as calling us about a New Patient Appointment. Doing this either online or over the phone will help you and our medical staff save time before you come in for that first appointment. We wish to grant you more time with our medical staff to get to the bottom of your issues, so doing this beforehand we can go over the basics of previous medical history, allergies, and insurance. We have included a link to the form below or, as mentioned, you can call us to get this filled out with our staff.

Behavior Agreement, Patient Survey, and General Feedback

We have also included the links to our Behavior Agreement, Patient Survey, and General Feedback forms below. If you ever leave East Asheville Family Health Care and feel your appointment was less than satisfactory please let us know. We want to provide the best services for the Asheville community and these forms will help keep us accountable by our patients.

Patient Survey

General Feedback

Behavioral Health Agreement

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Office Policies for Appointments and No-Show Appointments

East Asheville Family Health Care tries to ensure that each appointment throughout the day is kept to the specific time we set for you and your family. We work hard to get you and your family the allotted time needed for the health services you are seeking. We may get backed up from time to time based on the needs of other patients and the services they are seeking, and we do apologize for that. During these times we thoroughly appreciate your patience with our staff. If this occurrence happens, you can be sure that our staff will reach out and keep you up-to-date on our availability, so you can properly re-schedule your day. On the other hand, if you are unable to come in at your scheduled appointment, please give us a call. We appreciate a 24 hour notice to avoid cancellation fees and so we can communicate the new opening. However, we understand that emergencies happen so just reach out when you know you can’t make it. The cancellation fee for a Physical/AWV is $50.00 due to the large block of time these appointments require. Routine follow up and same day appointment cancellation fees are $25.00.

After Hours Care & Direct Provider Communication

If you or your family are needing services after our open hours, East Asheville Family Health Care has a special arrangement with Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care. They are fully available to our patients when we are not in the office. Once they are finished with the required services, they will send us a full report so that we may update your records at our facility. We ask that you inform the staff at Sisters of Mercy that you are a patient of ours, this way they know where to send the report. We teamed up with the Sisters to allow our patients the best service possible, even when we are unavailable.

You can also reach out to Dr. Early with your medical questions via the Blue Quality Physician Program. Reaching out during business hours will get your message responded to by the Dr. personally within two hours of submission. If there is an urgent need after hours, please call 828-298-7981, leave a message and Dr. Early will personally call you back shortly. This service is to be used specifically for medical emergencies and not prescription refills. It is a direct line to Dr. Early and should be used responsibly.

Routine and Non-Prescriptions from EAFHC

Our team at East Asheville Health Family Care accepts the responsibility of keeping your prescriptions up-to-date. If you are expecting to need a refill, please call your pharmacy 24 hours in advance to give them plenty of time to contact our staff. Schedule II refills require a 48-hour notice. If you or a family member need a handwritten prescription, please call our office first. ADDENDUM – Medication list must be accurate. Please provide a list that includes ALL of your medications. If your medication list is in error and fails to list a controlled substance, that substance will not be prescribed by our practice.

Medical Records

If you need any special medical forms filed for school, work, or other services such as disability, physician, or medical clearance, our staff is happy to get those filled out for you and your family. If you have to move or decide on a new physician, we are also happy to help complete and send out the proper medical history forms they require. We work with a company called Ciox to get this accomplished for you and your family.

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