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Why Should You Choose to Visit East Asheville Family Health Care

The East Asheville Family Health Care team have dedicated themselves to helping the Asheville and Western North Carolina community by providing the best health services. We are patient-centered and driven by compassion. We are here to provide you with comprehensive medical care.

One of our primary focuses is providing you with disease prevention and not just the treatment of medical illnesses. Currently, it is difficult to remain independent and offer personalized and high-quality care. Providing Asheville and Western North Carolina residents with “concierge” medical care typically costs beyond what basic insurance covers but is precisely what we are attempting to do at East Asheville Family Health Care. We have an excellent team of care providers to assist you, and we have an electronic medical record to afford you direct access to our staff.

stethoscope with paper cutouts of a family and a heart

East Asheville Family Health Care Provides Health Services

While our comprehensive care treatment will continue and managing the health and wellness of our patients with chronic disease will only improve, we are working on adding women’s health as a concentration at East Asheville Family Health Care. We will enhance our treatment of all forms of diabetes with on-site counseling and instruction. Our goal is to prevent complications of diabetes by early intervention with diet and lifestyle modification. Here are some of the other services the East Asheville Medical Care team provide for the Asheville and Western North Carolina community:

East Asheville Family Health Care Works with Insurance

Although we are a independent practice and don’t have the large staff of a corporate hospital, we still take the time and considerable effort to report all care to Medicare and all major insurance providers. We work with these groups to help resident be able to afford the concierge healthcare we provide. Most practices do not perform these services, and their care costs more than average insurance can allow.

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