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Sexual Health Services at East Asheville Family Health Care

Sexual health can be a difficult topic to discuss with your primary care provider, but at East Asheville Family Health Care you can be comfortable and confident that we will listen to your concerns. We are here to assist in you reaching your optimal potential. We offer many different sexual health services to keep you and the Asheville and Western North Carolina community healthy. Please visit our office today if you have any questions pertaining to your body, sexual habits, or unusual symptoms.

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Women’s Sexual Health and Wellness

Over 60% of our clients are female, and we want to ensure they have a place to discuss and get treatments for their sexual health. We offer treatments for their well-being with appropriate hormonal therapy as well as supporting and treating sexual dysfunction and anxiety in their psychological health. We encourage you to seek our treatments for pelvic weakness, vaginal atrophy, and overactive bladder. East Asheville Family Health Care offers our female patients cosmetic facial and vaginal appearance procedures by doing safe and effective radiofrequency therapy. The East Asheville Medical Care team also provide sexual dysfunction treatments for women, why should men at our practice be the only patients to receive Viagra?

Men’s Sexual Health and Wellness

We offer treatments and procedures to ensure our male patients are performing their best and we work through prevention techniques to keep them just as safe as our female patients. East Asheville Family Health Care also offers psychological techniques to help with anxiety and sexual dysfunction. Visit our office today if you have specific questions or concerns about your sexual well-being.

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